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Retained executive search consulting, a respected arm of management consulting, is an important professional service provided to the top management of organizations. It is employed by a wide range of industrial, commercial, professional, governmental and non-profit organizations to find talented senior executives who will make a strategic difference to their operations.

The impact of a key executive hire on an organization's fortunes can be immense. Equally the cost of unsuccessful recruitment can be severe. Stock values both plummet and soar on the basis of significant executive changes at top level. So an investment in a professional approach to senior executive recruiting makes very good sense and is increasingly employed in organizations around the world.

The process of retained executive search involves methodical analysis, planning and research, in order to develop target lists of candidates who represent the best executive talent worldwide for a particular position.

We and our selected candidates pilot your company through the Chinese market. With our experience and our Know-How about the market, you will save detours and achieve more quickly your goals.

Many companies also look for specialists and middle-level managers. These are the business of our daughter company "Foundation Recruitment"(河南快3开奖结果查询).

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