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Mission of Hübner Consulting

Hüber Consulting is a HR consulting firm specialised in Executive and Expert Search in the Chinese market. We are in China present with our own office and our own team. We complete all the procedures of filling projects in-house.

Our main work instrument is direct search of Chinese or Expatriate Candidates. Job advertisement is not totally excluded. The filling projects are structured according to the international standard norm of our industry. Meanwhile we attach more importance to the reference check of candidates.

Flat hierarchy, Short-cuts are typical for Hübner Consulting. For us individuality in the filling of positions means to present candidates, who optimal match the company culture, business and other requirements.

On the basis of our many years of praxis in China, we can give our comprehensive comments to the relationship between HR-themes and business of our clients. Our client would thus benefit additional out of that.

With our clients we have built up a long-term partnership. We accompany them by their growth.

We inform our clients about the challenges to be expected when filling the individual positions.

The best support for us from clients can be a detailed briefing about the positions to be filled and its environment, as well as an efficient decision making process and hiring process of the selected candidates.

Our clients are companies, who pay for our service. We report to them truly about the experience and motivations of the candidates. Lang-term Win-Win-Solutions are only possible, when ideals and management valuations of the candidate are consistent with the client. Therefore we inform the candidates truly and comprehensively about our clients, their advancements and the challenges they will have to meet.

Financial and organisational independence and autonomy are our fundaments, upon which we could operate quickly and avoid conflicts between interests. We will keep the independence, autonomy and freedom of decisions into the future.


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